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AFE vs Refurbished

What are the warranty terms for refurbished units?

Refurbished units come with a two-year warranty for parts and service and a seven-year warranty on the compressor.

Can refurbished units be customized?

Yes, in-house printing is available for all refurbished units. You can add logos or graphics for an additional charge. Additionally, you can purchase casters and extra shelving for specific unit models.

What refurbishment process do the units undergo?

Refurbished units are completely stripped down and rebuilt with all brand-new OEM parts, new paint, vinyl, and lighting, ensuring they meet high standards.

How do AFE units compare to refurbished units in terms of cost and features?

AFE units are brand new and typically come with a one-year warranty for parts and service and a three-year compressor warranty. Extended warranties are available. Refurbished units offer a longer warranty on compressors and an opportunity to purchase additional features like casters and shelving.

What extended warranty options are available for AFE and refurbished units?

Both AFE and refurbished units offer an extended warranty option for an additional $249, which extends the parts & service warranty to two years and the compressor warranty to five years.

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